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Welcome to Card Designer v2.5! 

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Featured Design

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Our Featured Card Background. Click to create a new design using this background.

Our Card Designer site has many new features which are designed to help you better create and manage your card layouts and requests for card printing.

We have partnered with Getty, the world's largest photo stock collection, to offer you unprecedented access to high quality artwork.  Try it now!  Type a word or two in the "Search Getty" area to your left and click the arrow.  After a short wait, you will be presented with thumbnails of images matching your terms. 

Also new is the ability to upload your own artwork now. 

With both the Getty photo access and the ability to upload your own artwork comes the need to crop and alter your photos to match a card proportional format and layout.  Card Designer now provides you very simple tools to do just that.  Once you've cropped and altered your photo to your liking, you can now proceed to the actual designer.  We've improved our designer to give you more flexability and latitude with your designs.

Finally, requesting a card design is even better.  You can now provide us a message with your card design and we can answer you back.  At any time, you can review your card design requests and see the message history.  When a request is complete, you can make it inactive, removing it from your active display but keeping it for future reference.

All of these new features, and more, are designed to provide you a better and more fulfilling experience in working with us.  So, take a minute and look around. Let us know what you think and -- as always -- please call or e-mail us if you have any questions!